PVC Line Fire Hose
UL/FM fire sprinkler

155F UL/FM fire sprinkler Standard response

Fire Sprinkler Protective Chrome Finished Fire Sprinkler Guard
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    TT, LC, Western Union
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    68 degree
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155F UL/FM fire sprinkler Advantages:

1.Cold and frost resistant due to the fusible alloy.

2.High pressure resistant and durable.

3.UL/FM approved quality

4.JOB bulb to ensure well response

155F UL/FM fire sprinkler Specifications

(1 ) Nominal caliber: 20mm, connection thread: R3 / 4 "or NPT3 / 4", water supply branch ≥ DN50.
( 2 ) Flow characteristic coefficient : K = 5.6
(3 ) Response time index (RTI) is 28 ±8m ·s ~ (-1) ~ (0.5).
(4 ) Maximum working pressure: 1.2 MPA.
(5 ) 100% Ex-factory pressure test: 3.45MPA
(6 )Nominal action temperature: 68 ℃.
155F UL/FM fire sprinkler Standard response

Installation, Usageand Maintenance:

During installation, should pay attention not to damage the bulb to avoid affect the thermal performance. In the process of wrench and twist, do not use spanner to wrench the supporting arm to deformation and affecthe sealing performance (note: the bulb temperature can be chosen according to the needs of users)


It is usually installed in areas with fire danger, including warehouses, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, theaters, office building, high-rise building, garages and etc.

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