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Fire Hose Reel Nozzle Price

Brass Fire Hose Reel Nozzle Price

  • Material:

  • Application:

    Fire Fighting
  • Size:

    3/4, 1

Brass Fire Hose Reel Nozzle Price

1.Product Introduction

The jet/spray brass hose reel nozzles are available with either a 19mm or 25mm serrated hose tail in Brass providing a durable, cost effective nozzle that can be either wired-on or clipped on to your chosen hose.

A simple twist rotational nylon head allows for adjustment through jet and spray modes and provides an efficient water supply shut-off. Perfect for use with 19mm or 25mm hose reel tubing approved to EN671-1 supplied in rolls of 30 metres.

2.Product Parameter 
Code No.
Inlet size

3/4"; 19mm
Jet / Spray
1"; 25mm
Jet / Spray

3.Products Features

a.Nozzles are precision machined to perform - straight stream through full fog and shutoff.

b.Nozzles are listed for Class A and B fires.

c.For agricultural equipment cleaning and fire protection.

d.Suitable Medium: Water

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