PVC Line Fire Hose

  • Nitrile Rubber Hose
    Three-ply Nitrile Rubber Attack / Supply Hose
    Three-ply Nitrile Rubber Attack / Supply Hose Lean and mean, the three-ply nitrile rubber hose is the ultra-tough municipal rubber fire hose.   Unique 3-ply design features a ribbed cover and smooth nitrile liner that are extruded independently. The cover is inserted inside the tight-weave polyester reinforcement, vulcanized, then turned inside-out. The liner is then inserted and the hose is vulcanized a second time to form a bond of all three plies, guaranteeing a consistent, compact hose wall.  This makes the it more resistant to puncture and easier to pack and store, requiring less hose bed space than typical extruded hose. Features & Benefits - Innovative. Three-ply rubber hose with both the cover and liner made of heavy duty nitrile rubber, high tensile -strength tightly woven polyester reinforcement for maximum durability and flexibility. - Productive. Smooth liner keeps friction loss to a minimum for greater flow. - Durable. Nitrile rubber cover greatly increases abrasion resistance, provides long service life and the tightly woven reinforcement resists puncture. - Flexible. Remains flexible to temperatures as low as -5°F (-20°C) and is resistant to ozone, oxidation and is highly chemically inert. - Mobile. Smart 3-ply design affords incredible strength but with a lightweight profile making it easy to manage on the fireground. - Versatile. Suitable for attack, supply and relay applications. *Couplings:Aluminum or Brass NH/NST or IPT Threaded & Aluminum Storz Three-ply Nitrile Rubber Hose Specifications: We serve customers for over 30 years — so we’ve got the knowledge and industry experience to help you get it right. Let the professionals at Winner Fire help you select the products that meet your exact needs.  Send inquiry now.
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  • fire blankets fire protection blanket life saving blanket
    Quick Water Supply Fire Hose Water Reel
    1.Flexible carry and easy handle. 2.Chrome plated lever operated brass shut/jet/spray nozzle, hose clip in stainless steel 3.Swinging arm allows for left or right hand mounting 4.Auto valve/centre parts material, brass 5.Applicable to garden hose, office building, school, shops for water irrigation and fire extinguish.
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  • All Kinds of fire hose reel
  • EPDM Fire Hose
  •  Fire Safty Sign
    PVC Emergency Fire Extinguisher Fire Safty Sign
    PVC Emergency Fire Extinguisher Fire Safty Sign In emergency situations, time is of the essence. Not a minute can be spared searching for emergency equipment, and this is most true in the case of a fire. Fire Extinguisher Signs and Fire Equipment Signs help workers quickly locate fire extinguishers and other important equipment in the event of an emergency. Emergency personnel can be guided to vital rescue equipment by the smart placement of Fire Extinguisher Signs in your facility. Locating fire extinguishers quickly can put out the fire sooner and reduce injuries. we know that you need to ensure safety at your building. This is why we provide an assortment of high quality Fire Extinguisher Signs to you. Our Fire Extinguisher Signs come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, including Photoluminescent Signs. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all of your Fire Extinguisher Sign needs.Place your safety signs order today! PVC Emergency Fire Extinguisher Signs Material:PVC Thickness:1-2mm Luminous time:6-12h Advantage:New environmental protection Serive:Can Be Customed Types Of Fire Safty Sign For more designs pls contact me.If you have your own design, please send it to me and we will produce it for you.
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