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0.6KG ABC Powder Mini Car Fire Extinguisher

  • Item No.:

  • Extinguishing agents::

    abc (ammonium phosphate) dry powder 50%
  • The drive gas::

  • Bottle material::

    Aluminum (no pressure gauge)
  • Suitable for use::

    Home Kitchen Office Car
  • Application::

    Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue
  • Weight::

  • Temperature range::

    -10 ℃ - + 55 ℃.
  • Shelf life::

    3 years
  • OEM::

  • Suitable::

    Class A B C fires

0.6KG ABC Powder Mini Fire Extinguisher

Portable safety for emergency situations.

• Puts out small solid, gas and electrical fires
• Hold upright, remove safety wedge, shake can and use with ease
• The perfect gift to keep friends and loved ones prepared
 Extinguisher Construction 02
Technical Parameter
Bottle Specification:  Height: 270mm ; Diameter: 55mm
Fire extinguishing agents:  ABC (ammonium salt) powder 50%
Drive gas:  Nitrogen
Bottles of body material:   Aluminum(no gauge)
20 °C when the filling pressure:  0.8MPa
The total weight of fire extinguisher:   0.6kg
Temperature range:   -10 °C - +55 °C
Fire extinguisher weight:  400 ± 22.5g
Simplified hydraulic test pressure:   3.0MPA
Shelf life:  three years
Colors for choice:  blue red black silver


Suitable for use Class A,B,C fires
•  Class A extinguishers are for ordinary combustible materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, and most plastics. The numerical rating on these types of extinguishers indicates the amount of water it holds and the amount of fire it can extinguish. 
•  Class B fires involve flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, grease and oil. The numerical rating for class B extinguishers indicates the approximate number of square feet of fire it can extinguish. 
•  Class C fires involve electrical equipment, such as appliances, wiring, circuit breakers and outlets. Never use water to extinguish class C fires - the risk of electrical shock is far too great! Class C extinguishers do not have a numerical rating. The C classification means the extinguishing agent is non-conductive. 

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User Guide:

How to use Mini Fire Extinguisher.jpg

1.After opening the cap,it cannot be repeated use or filled
2. The storage temperature is -10~55°C, monthly check the nozzle is clean or not,yellow plastic seal is intact or not,if you discover the nozzle's blue powder or yellow seal is damaged,please replace the product in time.
3.Keep away from kids and high temperature heat resource
4.Cannot pierce or burn the bottle body,even after using.

Mini Fire Extinguisher

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