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Standard type red fire sprinkler head guard

Fire Sprinkler Protective Chrome Finished Fire Sprinkler Guard
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    Fire sprinkler guard

Standard type red fire sprinkler head guard

Fire Sprinkler Guard provides sprinkler head protection from occasional light contact in warehouses, institutional and other applications where the occupancy exposes the sprinkler head to potential damage from its' environment. Sprinkler Head Guards do not protect sprinkler heads from direct impact or abuse.

Standard type red fire sprinkler head guard is used on upright sprinklers or non-recessed pendent or horizontal sidewall sprinklers. Standard type fire sprinkler head guard include red standard head guard, chrome standard head guard, and white standard head guard are available to meet your aesthetic preferences. 

standard fire sprinkler red guardstandard fire sprinkler head protectorstandard type fire sprinkler white protector

Standard type red fire sprinkler head guard

1.One Piece Red Fire Sprinkler Head Guard.

2.Durable wire mesh construction.

3.Fits 1/2" or 3/4" Fire Sprinklers.

4.Hooks around fire sprinkler head with a latch.

5.Painted Bright Red for Visibility.

6.Uses: Protects fire sprinkler head from impact.

Sample is available,please feel free to contact us or leave message to us for sample,price or details specifications.



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