PVC Line Fire Hose
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Quanzhou Winner Fire Fighting Equipment Co.Ltd

Established in 1985, Winner Fire is a leading and growing comprehensive fire fighting equipment manufacturer of fire hose, fire valve, fire hose coupling, fire hose nozzle and fire minitor etc.

our STRENGHT is commitment to our family business and our customers,by problem-solving attitude to service.Customer can rely on us by

  • 1. Product pass by international standard
  • 2. Larger workshop with advanced equipments and hard working worker .
  • 3. Professional production line for each product, to ensure product finish within expected time.
  • 4. 100% Trade insurance for timely delivery day,agree quality.
  • 5. You can find your sales in 24*7days hours calling online if any emergency.
  • 6.Professional package to protect your product in good condition.
  • 7.Timely updates about your product line to ensure your mind.

Our VISION is to continue to bring new products and innovative systems to the market and forge ahead with investments and improvements for generations to come.

Winner Fire boasting production line from 20 to 100 step by step in order to meet our customer's different needs. Our customers know they can rely on us because we can always offer them high quality product with reasonable price and offer them professional suggest on product and markets.

That’s how winner fire keep value for our customers. Welcome to join us to grow together!Let's joint to serve for save.


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