PVC Line Fire Hose
Brand Story

SX Brand was built along with Huaxia fire hose co.,ltd from 1980s. Mr. Huang with another 2 partner quit job from national fire brigade to research more qualified fire products to guard the fire fighter and people’s life. Thus, the 1st and only one fire fighting hose manufacturer in Fujian came into being. They named the brand as “3 star”, wish they can give more hope to fire fighters and people in despair.

Quality is the soul of enterprise. That’s what Mr. Huang always emphasizes. He refuses any defective products with no hesitation, doing researches on new products, introducing new technology. Many new patented products are created to save more lives. In 1988, his quality management system received Chinese National Official authorization. High quality products finally help him to achieve original intention.

His attitude and concept was widely accepted by this industry, thus widely spread in every city of China. Mr. Huang believe only by joint efforts can guard as much people’s life as possible. So he began considering to help many other fire hose manufactures with technology and equipment. Gradually, our city, nan’an developed as a fire- fighting equipment industry center which helps more and more people to get they want by one stop to save people’s life in time.

More and more peers’ joint made Mr. Huang feel delighted. He continued to focus on team construction such as sales team, after sales team, R&D team, train team etc. to offer better service.

As a result, SX brand became more and more popular in China. But this is not the end. Mr. Huang start to study international fire hose in 2004, and introduced 2nd,3rd fire hose production line with friends to produce double jacket fire hose, rubber, PEDM,TPU,PU line hose, suction hose, rubber hose and so on to meet his original dream of one stop for all to offer” 1st class service”.

With the development and maturation of product quality, production line, team management, 2016, Mr. Huang and Miss Ivy work together to help customer in global market to share the good quality fire fighting products aiming to be the 1st class fire-fighting equipment choice for friends all around the world.

As the first leading fire hose manufacturer in Fujian, we are so proud that our brand ”SX” (which is also called “3*1st class”),is now deep into most Chinese fire-fighting equipment customers' mind.

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