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Fire Valve Butterfly

Manual Operated Ductile Iron Signal Fire Valve Butterfly

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    TT, LC
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    DN50 - DN200
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    Ductile Iron
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    Butterfly Valve

Manual Operated Ductile Iron Signal Fire Valve Butterfly

Manual Operated Ductile Iron Signal Fire Valve Butterfly

The signal butterfly valve is one of the important accessories in the pipeline of a fire sprinkler system. Its structure is Groove type. As the control valve of the fire sprinkler system, it has the function of transmitting the valve's opening and closing state to the control department to trace the misoperation and improve the safety of the system.

On top of the valve has a signal device connect with stem directly. Under working condition when the valve is mistakenly closed by 25% (1/4 of full opening), the signal device will output a signal to the fire control center. So that relevant personnel can check the situation in time.

The signal butterfly valve can intuitive, clear and reliable reflect the working status of the pipeline system, so widely used in firefighting systems.


Products Features

1) Small and lightweight, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed at any position.
2) The structure is simple and compact, 90° rotation open and close quickly.
3) The operating torque is small, labor-saving and light.
4) Complete sealing, water test leakage is zero.
5) Can be applied to a variety of medium.
6) The flow characteristics tend to be straight and the adjustment performance is good.
7) The number of opening and closing tests is up to 10,000 times, the service life is long.
8) Pipes that use gate valves, check valves (spherical shut-off valves), globe valves, plug valves, hose valves, and diaphragm valves, especially in high-rise building fire protection systems and pipeline systems that require showing the valve switching status. This valve can be a good alternative.


Product Parameter

Manual Operated Ductile Iron Signal Fire Valve Butterfly

Model A B C D
ZSXF-50-D(G) 90 205 55 60.3
ZSXF-65-D(G) 90 220 65 76.1
ZSXF-80-D(G) 100 220 70 88.9
ZSXF-100-D(G) 110 269 87 114.3
ZSXF-125-D(G) 110 280 100 139.7
ZSXF-150-D(G) 110 295 115 165.1
ZSXF-200-D(G) 134 352 150 219.1



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