PVC Line Fire Hose
urgent! A fire broke out around us in Factory

August 17,2018.

The fire incident occurred around 12:40 today, when the workers came to work and rested, the only lucky to say is that there were no casualties. Due to the main production of sponges in the workshop, the workers found that after the fire, the workers promptly saved, but because the sponge was flammable, the fire spread rapidly.


It is reported that the company is located in the Yuye Industrial Zone in Meilin , Nan'an , and the houses nearby are dense. To prevent accidents, the local police evacuated the crowd after the fire. At present, traffic control on the road section is subject to the attention of passing vehicles.     

Commend from Winner fire: Each factory should assemble the fire fighting equipment, especially the automatic fire fighting equipment.like fire sprinkler system, FM200 systems, auto modular ceiling ball or auto fire extinguisher ball.

For foam, the flammable material, there should assemble the fire sprinkler system for low cost, if budget allow, F200 system would be much better. 

If you would lkie to know more about the fire accident, or assemble/install  the fire fghting equipment in your factory, contact us at info@winnerfirehose.com 


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