PVC Line Fire Hose
Water Manifold

Eight Ports Fire Pump Water Manifold

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    Water Divider
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Eight Ports Fire Pump Water Manifold

Eight Ports Fire Pump Water Manifold

Fire manifolds are used for distributing the extinguishing medium from one feed line over several hose lines, or in special cases for collecting it in the reverse direction. Each hose line can be shut off individually by means of a stop valve. The stop valve of the dividers must be easy operated in the usual flow direction at 16 bar and in the opposite direction at 6 bar.


Aluminum construction full penetration welds, one multi lug 12" connection, eight Machino 2.5" connections. Other configurations available consult for your specific requirements.


Other connections are available such as BS336, Storz etc.


Technical Parameters:

Item Inlet Outlet Valve Type
Eight Port Manifold DN300 DN150*2  DN80*6 Butterfly Valve / Stop Valve
DN150*2  DN65*6
DN80*8 Butterfly Valve
DN65*8 Butterfly Valve



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