PVC Line Fire Hose
High Velocity Water Spray Nozzle

High Velocity Water Spray Nozzle For Fire Fighting

  • Item No.:

  • Material:

  • Connecting thread(inch):

    1/2, 3/4, 1
  • Fire Sprinkler Type::

    Open Fire Sprinkler
  • Certificate:

    CCC, ISO
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  • Surface Finishing::


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High Velocity Water Spray Nozzle For Fire Fighting

High Velocity Water Spray Nozzles are internal swirl plate type open nozzles designed for use in fixed water spray or deluge system for the fire protection application. These nozzles produce solid uniform and dense core of high velocity water spray to effect fire control. Nozzles are normally used to cool the surface as well as for extinguishment. Nozzles are typically used for Deluge protection of special hazards such as oil filled transformers, switch-gear, chemical process equipments, conveyor system, diesel engines, flammable liquid storage areas and similar hazards. The minimum desirable pressure to achieve a reasonable spray pattern is 2.1 Kg./sq.cm. (30 psi).


With the design of full cone nozzle the fluid is set into a whirl motion by an internal vein or whirl chamber.  The resulting turbulence breaks up the liquid into droplets which are then shaped in to a full cone pattern as they exit the orifice. 


Product Parameter
Model k -Factor Spray Angle(°) Thread Size(inch) Type
ZSTWB-16-90 16 90 R1/2 Centrifugal
ZSTWB-16-120 16 120 R1/2
ZSTWB-21-90 21 90 R1/2
ZSTWB-21-120 21 120 R1/2
ZSTWB-27-90 27 90 R3/4
ZSTWB-27-120 27 120 R3/4
ZSTWB-34-90 34 90 R3/4
ZSTWB-34-120 34 120 R3/4
ZSTWB-42-90 42 90 R3/4
ZSTWB-42-120 42 120 R3/4
ZSTWB-53-90 53 90 R1
ZSTWB-53-120 53 120 R1
ZSTWB-68-90 68 90 R1
ZSTWB-68-120 68 120 R1

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